Bleached Fandom x Reader Oneshots! - Chapter 2 - AWB01 (2024)

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Inside the bedroom of Lena “Tracer” Oxton, loud moans could be heard, unapologetically ringing through the hallways.

This wasn't anything to consider strange, Lena was a lesbian, and she and her girlfriend—Emily—were very passionate in their lovemaking.

No, the weird part was that the moans were screaming the name of a different guy.

Now, some people might think, “Oh, Emily and Tracer must just be playing with a toy! They are so lovey-dovey, surely they aren't cheaters!” but those people are wrong.

Inside their room, on the bed they shared, Emily and Tracer happily sucked on your underage co*ck.

But how did this happen? Let's look back…

Several months ago...

You had just moved next door on King's Row, your parents chasing a job across continents. Now that they were busy with work, you had been given a lot of free time.

It hadn't taken you long to notice the women next door. You recognized one of them as the superhero Tracer, one of the few heroes you could respect, since most of the others were chinks, beaners or nigg*rs. Somehow, the literal gorilla on the team seemed cleaner than most of the other members!

But Tracer? She was a beautiful pale skinned woman, and would make a great colonizer if she wanted to make a REAL positive difference in the world.

But as soon as she turned around and kissed the other girl with her before leaving, you realized Tracer wasn't any better than the rest of her Woke team. She was a dirty fa*g.

When you had explained this to your father, he had a similar reaction to you, and let you in on a little secret. Your mother had been a liberal lesbo once as well. As it turns out, dykes are no different from any other woman, they're all co*ck hungry slu*ts who need to be taught the joy's of a white dick.

Tracer and her girlfriend were just uneducated, and it was clear that if they got corrected on a big dick, then they could probably become amazing activists for the WWO.

And so your mission began. Every day, you stopped by the Oxton household while Tracer was out and would speak with Emily. She was a sweet woman, with a love of children. It made it very easy to get on her good side, and you were easily able to scout out their lifestyle.

Emily was easy to manipulate, and was probably tricked by Tracer into becoming a lesbian in the first place, but you could trick her right back.

You spent a week visiting Emily, and on the seventh day, you finally made your move…

“Hey love? Could you bring me a drink? I'm feeling thirsty.” Emily stretched on the couch, pausing the TV show you two had been watching so that you could stand up and go get the drink.

As you walked over to the kitchen to grab a Pepsi, you pulled a small capsule from your pocket, pouring the powder from inside into the drink, before carrying it over to her.

“Thanks, dear!” Emily took the can and took a long sip from it, and you knew she'd be fixed soon. The aphrodisiac in that drink was extremely powerful, and once it took effect, she'd be yours.

Sure enough, only a few minutes later, Emily began to sweat, and she fanned her face. “Hey, uh, is it just me, or is it getting really hot in here?”

You pretended to feel the heat too, nodding. “Yeah, it's pretty hot, I think I need to take my shirt off, it might feel good if you did the same.” You stripped off your shirt, showing your barely-a-teenager-bod.

Emily practically drooled at the sight, and she didn't hesitate to remove her shirt as well, revealing her lacy Victoria's Secret lingerie underneath, barely hiding her freckled tit*, round and firm underneath.

You waited a few minutes more to let her settle, before you shook off your pants, making another offhand comment about the heat.

Emily nodded absentmindedly, before pulling off her own leggings, now wearing just her undergarments, sitting next to a kid less than half her age.

To test the waters, you cautiously leaned over and wrapped your arm around her back, placing it on her other shoulder.

Emily blushed, squirming in her seat as she shot you a nervous look, but she didn't resist.

After that, you gave her a smug look before reaching out and grabbing one of her boobs and squeezing it through her bra.

“Ahn!” Emily moaned, before clapping a hand over her mouth. “Hey! You shouldn't do that, kid!”

“And why not?” You continue to grope her, using both hands to fondle both breasts. “You seem to be enjoying it.”

Emily moaned again. “Nghhhh! B-because it's—oh god!—it's wrong! I'm a lesbian, and an adult! You're a little boy!”

You tug on her nipples, pulling her into a kiss. You meant for just a normal mouth to mouth, but Emily ends up turning it into a full-on frenchie. When you two pull apart, a line of spit connects you both, and Emily moans needily.

“Is my age and gender still an issue for you?” You ask, sliding off your strained boxers to reveal a massive, snow white co*ck underneath.

“Oh my God!” Emily gasps, reaching out a shaking hand to feel your throbbing member, thick as her arm, and balls churning with superior sem*n.

You pump your co*ck with one hand, letting the smell of it reach her nose. Emily began to drool a bit, before standing up on wobbly legs. “M-maybe it wouldn't be so bad if I just had a little taste? That's not cheating, and it's so little that I'd still be a lesbian and not a pedophile, right?”

You smirk, and nod. “C'mon then, let's go to your room, and you can have ‘just a taste', you little dyke~”

Lena was on her way back from another mission when she got a message from Emily. Opening up the file, her eyes widened in horror.

The picture was that of Emily sucking on the balls of the largest dick Lena had ever seen. The word ‘Dyke’ was written on her forehead in sharpie, and the photo was captioned “Get over here, fa*g. She's having all the fun without you”.

In a panic, Lena put her phone away and shifted into high gear, speeding down the streets and alleys to hopefully find out this was just one horrible joke.

It only took Lena minutes to get home, thanks to her powers, and she quickly teleported inside, blipping up to her bedroom doorway, where she could hear her girlfriend moaning your name.

Opening the door a crack, Lena peeked inside, and watched in silent shock as Emily loudly and proudly got railed by… the neighbor's son!?

She shook with misery, but as she watched the events unfold, there was a growing lust deep in her heart, and through her suit, Lena grew wet.

Silently, the cuck masturbat*d, tears streaming down her face, and yet she only grew more and more aroused…

Peering through the keyhole, Tracer quickened the speed of her fingers with each thrust you made into Emily, and as Emily exploded around your dick with a violent org*sm, Tracer did so too, loudly moaning.

All of a sudden, everything went silent as you smirked. This was even better than you had anticipated~

You roughly pulled out of Emily, letting the fa*g have a break while you opened the door to find Tracer, still in costume, fingerf*cking herself with an embarrassed ahegao expression. “Well, well, well… Look what we have here~ If it isn’t the stupid little Dyke, guess you enjoyed watching me straighten out your little les-bitch girlfriend?”

Tracer looked down in embarrassment, refusing to speak.

Your smile only gets wider as you unzip your pants and drop your gargantuan co*ck right onto Tracer’s forehead, dripping pre into her hair.

The dyke gulped nervously, looking up at you with a fearful expression. “H-hey love… I-I’m sure we can work s-s-something out, right? Just let Emily go and we can make a deal…”

You don’t need to take orders from a filthy queer, and you know it. “You’ll learn to be a co*cksucker soon enough, Lena.” You slap her across the cheek with your dick, ripping open her suit with your bare hands and forcing your member in between her tit*, pressing up against Tracer’s lips. “Suck.”

Emily walks over on shaking legs and kneels next to Tracer, petting her head. “Don’t worry dear, you’ll be so much happier when you’re straight. This lovely little boy here showed me that, and he’s showing you, too!”

Despite all her strength, training and powers, Tracer could not bring herself to stop you. ‘Maybe…’ She thought to herself. ‘Maybe this is what’s right for me…’

Tracer raised her hands and squeezed her breasts around your thick boy-meat, giving you a paizuri-blowj*b combo.

With a lot of your stamina already used up by railing Emily, it didn’t take long for you to reach your limit. Without warning, you grabbed Tracer’s head and yanked it forwards, forcing her to deepthroat much of your length as your cumtanks churned and you began to spurt out your thick, virile sem*n down her throat.

Tracer’s throat bulged, and her stomach expanded as you pumped gallons of your illegal boy-spunk into her dyke throat. Tracer’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as she went limp, unable to withstand your superior male strength.

Pulling out, Tracer had been reduced to an unconscious cum dumpster, with baby batter leaking from her nose and mouth as she took deep, shuttering breaths from the weight of her bloated belly.

“If you aren’t straight now, I’ll make sure you both never even think of kissing a lesbo again soon enough. You two are my bitches now.” You spank Emily’s ass, and order her to drag Tracer into their room, where you started round two…

Some weeks later…

You proudly watched the news as your personal f*cktoy and her aryan team stopped yet another group of sh*tskin terrorists. It was always the same groups of inferiors, led by the useless scum kicked out of Overwatch. The specific former member they had captured this time was that beaner, Lucio.

Thanks to your efforts, you had properly redpilled the former-Lesbian into a proud Aryan, with a normal sexuality. Thanks to her popularity and activism, she had cleaned up the Overwatch team, getting most of the inferiors kicked out of the team, letting only inferior women who knew their place stay, like D.Va and Ana. Now, Tracer led her fellow Overwatch members to glory, even despite the fact that she always had to fight with a fat belly full of that morning's breakfast.

When she came home, you would be sure to reward the heroic neo-Nazi with plenty of your shota cum…

Bleached Fandom x Reader Oneshots! - Chapter 2 - AWB01 (2024)


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