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PG Released Jul 24, 2009 1h 28m Kids & Family Action Adventure Comedy List

22% 128 Reviews Tomatometer 40% 250,000+ Ratings Audience Score Armed with the latest high-tech spy gear, a guinea pig named Darwin (Sam Rockwell) and his team of specially trained rodents are often the last line of defense against chaos and destruction. But when the government shuts them down and ships them off to a pet shop, Darwin and his gang will have to find a way to break out and prevent a mad billionaire (Bill Nighy) from taking over the world. Read More Read Less Watch on Fandango at Home Premiered Jun 14 Buy Now

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Critics Consensus

G-Force features manic action, but fails to come up with interesting characters or an inspired plot.

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Ciaran S With fart jokes, pop culture references, lazy acting, cheap gags and overused pop songs this film feels like you're watching Mission Impossible but with guinea pigs. Rated 1.5/5 Stars • Rated 1.5 out of 5 stars 02/25/24 Full Review Aiden M I love this movie so much that I would definitely imagine myself as a guinea pig. The characters are fun to hang out, animals being the new generation of mystery solvers is what would give the movie a inspired plot. And, inviting someone to live and be part of the family after struggling to find a home, is what also makes this movie excellent. Rated 5/5 Stars • Rated 5 out of 5 stars 02/18/24 Full Review Holly S muito ruim mas muito bom Rated 3.5/5 Stars • Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars 12/26/23 Full Review Leo F I thought that the movie had a good story, funny characters, and a good twist at the end. Audience members would not suspect that Speckles was the villain, especially he "died" from a garbage truck. I also liked that it had an emotional sense when Ben found out that Speckles "died." I also liked the scene where Blaster and Juarez were escaping from the humans. Speaking of Blaster and Juarez, I really liked how because Blaster was in love with Juarez, that made him act like a wannabe. I also liked that talk with Darwin and Blaster about being in love with Juarez, because that added a lot of humor to the movie. Do you agree with me? Do you think that G-Force is a great movie? Well let's find out. Rated 5/5 Stars • Rated 5 out of 5 stars 12/17/23 Full Review Brady W THIS IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER! It saved my marriage, my firstborn's life, and ended world hunger. My grandmother came back to life just to watch this, Then died again when the credits were rolling. Also, that one guinea pig named Juarez, was super hot. Rated 5/5 Stars • Rated 5 out of 5 stars 11/23/23 Full Review ana luisa u Es muy rara villano genérico personajes meh humor malo efectos meh una trama de espias mal hecho acción buena es un 4 de 10 Rated 1.5/5 Stars • Rated 1.5 out of 5 stars 11/12/23 Full Review Read all reviews Post a rating

Cast & Crew

Hoyt H. Yeatman Jr. Director Bill Nighy Leonard Saber Zach Galifianakis Ben Kendall Sam Rockwell Darwin Tracy Morgan Blaster Penélope Cruz Juarez
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G-Force | Rotten Tomatoes (1) Nell Minow Movie Mom Rated: C Feb 18, 2012 Full Review G-Force | Rotten Tomatoes (2) Hank Sartin Time Out Rated: 2/5 Nov 18, 2011 Full Review G-Force | Rotten Tomatoes (3) Keith Uhlich Time Out Several fellow G-Force sufferers likened the 3-D-rendered inanity to Idiocracy's Ass: The Movie. But that's an insult to a good backside. Rated: 1/5 Nov 17, 2011 Full Review G-Force | Rotten Tomatoes (4) Brian Eggert Deep Focus Review Just because children will enjoy it doesn’t mean you should have to tolerate it. Exercise some parental restraint. Tell them no, and then force them to watch an animated Disney classic or Pixar film for their own good. Rated: 1/4 Sep 4, 2023 Full Review G-Force | Rotten Tomatoes (5) Richard Propes TheIndependentCritic.com Features a stellar cast, but it's never clear why because none of the vocal work is remotely demanding. Rated: 1.0/4.0 Sep 8, 2020 Full Review G-Force | Rotten Tomatoes (6) Mattie Lucas The Dispatch (Lexington, NC) Everything, from the writing to the score to the irritatingly plain cinematography is as generic as it gets. Rated: 0/4 Jun 5, 2019 Full Review Read all reviews

Movie Info

Synopsis Armed with the latest high-tech spy gear, a guinea pig named Darwin (Sam Rockwell) and his team of specially trained rodents are often the last line of defense against chaos and destruction. But when the government shuts them down and ships them off to a pet shop, Darwin and his gang will have to find a way to break out and prevent a mad billionaire (Bill Nighy) from taking over the world.

Hoyt H. Yeatman Jr.

Duncan Henderson, David P.I. James, Chad Oman, Mike Stenson

Cormac Wibberley, Marianne Wibberley

Walt Disney

Production Co
Jerry Bruckheimer Films

PG (Rude Humor|Mild Action)

Kids & Family, Action, Adventure, Comedy

Original Language

Release Date (Theaters)
Jul 24, 2009, Wide

Release Date (Streaming)
Jan 1, 2014

Box Office (Gross USA)

1h 28m
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G-Force | Rotten Tomatoes (2024)


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