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Capability Overview

Market volatility, limited resources and public scrutiny have created challenges for institutional decision-makers.

Partnering to Help Improve Outcomes

Our investment advisors partner with clients to develop flexible solutions that help to ease program implementation, diversify investments, improve the management of assets and liabilities and reduce fees. You choose how to partner with us – from investment consulting to full delegation.

We are committed to allocating capital toward high-value solutions that address client needs and keep pace with the laws that shape investing. Explore our offerings below to learn more about how we can support you and your organization with your investment strategy and goals.

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Explore Our Investment Offerings

  • Product / Service

    Alternative Investing

    Alternative investments make up a broad spectrum of non-traditional asset classes. They can include private equity, venture capital, private credit, hedge funds/liquid alternatives, infrastructure and real estate.

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  • Product / Service

    Asset Allocation Strategy

    Our strategists, economists and global asset allocation professionals consider key economic and market events and investment risks and opportunities to support clients in making effective allocation decisions.

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  • Product / Service

    Investment Advisory Consulting

    To meet the unique needs of each institutional investor, investment advisory consulting blends investment and asset modeling experience to help build tailor-made investment programs.

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  • Product / Service

    Defined Benefit Investment Strategy

    Our defined benefit investment consultants provide portfolio management, alternatives consulting, manager research and investment policy services.

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  • Product / Service

    Defined Contribution Investment Strategy

    Our defined contribution investment consultants assist with the selection of investment options and will help your organization monitor fund manager performance.

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  • Product / Service

    Public Sector Investment Strategy

    Our investment consultants partner directly with public retirement systems at the city, county, state and federal levels to advise on and manage investment decisions.

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  • Product / Service

    Non-Profit Investment Strategy

    Non-profit investment strategy supports the missions of non-profit organizations through investment advice, guidance on governance, portfolio management, manager research, specialized focus on alternative investing and responsible investing, and asset allocation and capital markets insights.

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  • Product / Service

    Operational Due Diligence*

    Operational due diligence (ODD) helps clients identify operational risks in investment management. This includes pre-investment ODD and a range of additional operational monitoring and consulting services.

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  • Product / Service

    Outsourced Chief Investment Officer

    An outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO) is a resource for clients that can take on accountability and fiduciary responsibility for an asset pool, including strategic investment decisions.

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  • Product / Service

    Responsible Investing

    Responsible investing advice, data, tools and solutions can help clients make more informed decisions in alignment with their fiduciary duties, regulatory requirements and values or commitments.

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*Operational due diligence services are provided by Aon’s Operational Risk Solutions and Analytics Group, which is an independent entity from Aon Investments USA Inc.

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Investment Consulting and Advisory (2024)


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