Nintendo Late to Take Down "Garry's Mod" Content - The Stallion (2024)

“Garry’s Mod,” also known as “GMod,” has been a staple of online gaming, whether you’ve played it or watched it on YouTube. However, another staple in gaming that’s been around longer has arrived to squander some of the fun: Nintendo.

In Apr. 2024, Facepunch Studios posted an announcement to the “GMod” community with the headline, “It’s Nintendo. Need more be said?” with a seemingly passive-aggressive tone.

After this announcement, Facepunch began removing any Nintendo-related content found on the Steam Workshop because of takedowns imposed by Nintendo. Facepunch respectfully allowed this add-on removal with no resistance, stating it was “…Nintendo’s content and what they allow and don’t allow is up to them.” They even asked the community’s modders to help by removing their add-ons.

From a player’s standpoint, this hurts the game. Its entertainment value came from installing custom content from public websites and inserting maps, characters, weapons, and more into your game, which eventually all became accessible via the Steam Workshop, priming more room for creativity. For example, if you wanted to play as Marty McFly driving a Lamborghini SV on a tropical beach, you could.

This leaves two questions.

First: For as popular as “GMod” is during its 16 years of being around, why is this happening now? Nintendo is late to the party by a wide margin, and I find it difficult to believe not a single employee noticed their content being used in “GMod.” “Garry’s Mod” is all over YouTube with some videos being monetized, and it was even featured in a few gaming magazines. Since the player-base of “GMod” is lower yet still active in the present, the impact isn’t as destructive as it would have been years ago. So, why now?

Second: There are so many Nintendo-related add-ons; how do they plan on removing every single one? While some add-ons are obvious, some Nintendo content might be hiding in “packs” that are a singular add-on containing multiple items. Thus, this probably means there are loopholes to bypass removal.

As of Feb. 2024, there are over 1.7 million add-ons on the Steam Workshop for “GMod.” That being said, Facepunch better start digging. The fact that they had to ask users to unlist their add-ons and “never [upload] them again” only shows how hard this task is.

The impact of this will be hard on some servers. “GMod” serves as the birthplace for popular game modes such as Murder, a simple but frantic game of avoiding a killer; Deathrun, where one player controls traps on an obstacle course that others must traverse; Guess Who, which forces players to discover who in a crowd of wonky NPCs is a real player; and most famously: Prop Hunt, where one team hunts the other team masquerading as everyday objects.

Although, it’s the add-ons like maps, player-models, and other assets that are used that essentially makes a game in “GMod” as fun as it is. Undoubtedly, a huge portion of those assets are from Nintendo. Looking at popular YouTube channels that have played “GMod,” like VenturianTale and VanossGaming, Nintendo’s indirect impact on the culture of its community is grand.

This definitely goes for Machinimas (narrative videos made from games), which boomed thanks to the game’s flexibility with its custom content. There’s no better example than Colin Wyckoff, better known as kitty0706, whose videos filled with nonsensical unfiltered humor gained millions of views, like his “Elliot Goes to School” series based on a fictionalized version of himself and his friends in high school, and the obnoxiously funny “Team Fabulous 2.” Even after his passing in 2015, nothing today compares to this era of online comedy.

“Team Fabulous 2” in particular is a great demonstration of how Nintendo assets helped to create this great era of comedy. While the video tells its nonsensical story with “Team Fortress 2” characters, all of it takes place on a map with a “MarioKart” racetrack. Chances are that the video wouldn’t have reached 29 million views without it.

At the time of this article’s publishing, a great portion of Nintendo content has been removed while more remains.

The community has been understandably irate about this decision. Funnily enough, users have even uploaded content showing their disdain against Nintendo, like a replacement for an “ERROR” sign that reads “F**K NINTENDO,” a map called “Nintendo-Office” that’s just a derelict junkyard, and a parody of a “Postal 2” petition for bringing back Nintendo-related add-ons.

More peculiar is how some players blamed an Internet troll named Aaron Peters for fabricating DMCA takedowns and impersonating Nintendo staff. Peters’s involvement has proven to be false according to Garry Newman; he stated on X (formerly Twitter), “I have been assured the takedowns have been verified by Nintendo as legit, so this will continue as planned.”

Users persist and claim Peters is to blame, but it’s likely a rumor created to convince Newman to stop with takedowns.

I don’t think someone like Newman would fall for an elaborate ruse with the verification he has, nor would he have reason to lie about it.

After all, Newman is also responsible for one of the most infamous exposures of video game pirates. Back in 2011, some players received a popup reading, “Unable to shade polygon normals” and couldn’t load the game. Newman asked on X if anyone got this message, and later revealed that everyone responding positively was playing a pirated version of “GMod.” He then stated, “You can’t stop pirates, but you can troll them.”

With all this being said, it takes a troll to know a troll.

In the end, as someone that’s had “GMod” since 2011, I see why the community is divided. I’m frustrated, but I wonder what will happen to secondhand content like videos or if other companies may pull a similar stunt.

I also know creating a debacle won’t help. These “protests” are propaganda that corporations like Nintendo or studios like Facepunch could easily ignore. Regardless, this entire incident shows it’s not always better late than never.

Nintendo Late to Take Down "Garry's Mod" Content - The Stallion (2024)


Who is Aaron Peters Nintendo? ›

a Internet troll by the name of Aaron peters has been false flagging content creators add-ons with fake DMCA's'. This troll has been claiming he's part of Nintendo, which in fact he is not and has been doing nothing but causing chaos for the past few months probably at the start of January.

How many hours does Garry have on GMOD? ›

Garry Newman (Born May 20, 1982 in England) is the creator of Garry's Mod and owner of Facepunch Studios. He created Garry's Mod in 2004 and has a total of 338 hours in-game.

How long has Garry's Mod been out? ›

Garry's Mod
Platform(s)Windows Mac OS X Linux
ReleaseWindows 29 November 2006 Mac OS X 23 September 2010 Linux 5 June 2013
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer
6 more rows

What age is Garry's Mod appropriate for? ›

Garry's Mod doesn't have any age rating by the ESRB. You can do whatever you want in this game, either to be violent or be creative. Garry's Mod doesn't have any age rating by ESRB. You can do whatever you want in this game, either to be violent or be creative.

Who was the janitor who saved Nintendo? ›

Gunpei Yokoi, inventor of the Game Boy and hero to Nintendo fans. Gunpei Yokoi was once just an assembly line worker at a Nintendo factory. But armed with inventiveness and his education, Yokoi started tinkering around in his free time. His invention gained the notice of his boss.

Who is the CEO of Nintendo now? ›

Shuntaro Furukawa (古川 俊太郎, Furukawa Shuntarō, born January 10, 1972) is a Japanese businessman and executive. He is the sixth and current president of the video game company Nintendo in Japan.

Why is GMOD so unsettling? ›

It's not intentional, but the single-player mode can feel unnerving to some players. Likely because the Ambient Noises and Graphical design. A mod called "Background NPCs" can make it feel less creepy. The game can become intense if the player decides to spawn certain enemies.

When was gmod 11? ›

It was released on 29th November 2006. The old, and most iconic, Garry's Mod 11 game menu. The newer game menu introduced in late 2009.

How much did GMOD sell? ›

Garry's Mod

As of September 2021, the game has sold over 20 million copies.

Was Garry's mod ever free? ›


Is Garry's mod safe now? ›

is gmod safe? Also yes, Garry's Mod is safe. Read the comments before you download stuff.

Is Garry's mod worth it? ›

This game is the best sandbox game. I've played this game for over 3,000 hours, which says a lot. This game is such a good it never gets boring especially when you're playing with friends. Garry's Mod is every game into one with it's amazing workshop.

Why is it called Garry's mod? ›

Garry Newman: You know, I think I kind of actually stole the name, it wasn't my idea to name stuff after myself. At the time there was another mod called JBMod, made by a guy that went by "jb55." So it made sense that my take on that mod would be called Garry's Mod—because I went by the name "garry".

Who invented the Nintendo switch person? ›

Yoshiaki Koizumi, the general producer of the Nintendo Switch console, made sure that the hardware development team included experience from "various different sections and disciplines", including both handheld and home console design.

Who was the first owner of Nintendo? ›

Nintendo was founded as Yamauchi Nintendo (山内任天堂) by Fusajiro Yamauchi on September 23, 1889. Based in Kyoto, Japan, the business produced and marketed hanafuda.

Who is the director of Nintendo switch? ›

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa has confirmed that the Switch 2 console will be announced before April 2025. Furukawa also confirmed that the company will be hosting a Nintendo Direct event in June 2024. However, the Switch 2 will not be announced at the event. “This is Furukawa, President of Nintendo.

Who was the second president of Nintendo? ›

Sekiryo Kaneda (Japanese: 金田 積良, Hepburn: Kaneda Sekiryō, 1883 – 1949), also known as Sekiryo Yamauchi (山内 積良, Yamauchi Sekiryō), was the second president of what is now Nintendo Co., Ltd., from 1929 to 1949.


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