How much does it cost to get into Palatine Hill? (2024)

How much does it cost to get into Palatine Hill?

The price of tickets for the hills is 18 euros (+2 euros reservation fee), which includes admission to the Colosseum

The Colosseum (/ˌkɒləˈsiːəm/ KOL-ə-SEE-əm; Italian: Colosseo [kolosˈsɛːo]) is an elliptical amphitheatre in the centre of the city of Rome, Italy, just east of the Roman Forum. It is the largest ancient amphitheatre ever built, and is still the largest standing amphitheatre in the world, despite its age. › wiki › Colosseum
and Roman Forum
Roman Forum
The Roman Forum, also known by its Latin name Forum Romanum (Italian: Foro Romano), is a rectangular forum (plaza) surrounded by the ruins of several important ancient government buildings at the center of the city of Rome. › wiki › Roman_Forum
. There are 3 options to make a reservation and visit Palatine Hill: You can book online on the official website

Is entry to Palatine Hill free?

Note: Within the Colosseum, there are parts you can only visit as part of a “special access” guided tour (see section below) for which the standard ticket has no validity. Free entrance: - Free entry on the first Sunday of the month (no reservation possible) – expect long queues.

Can you enter Palatine Hill without a ticket?

How to visit the Palatine Hill in Rome. Access to the Palatine Hill is not free but require tickets that can be bough in advance or on site. I recommend you plan at least a couple of hours to see the Palatine, and additional time for the Forum below.

Is it worth going to Palatine Hill in Rome?

The Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill are the ancient heart of the city of Rome. There is a tremendous amount of history and a lot to see here. We highly recommend taking a guided tour of the area, but if you go it alone you should definitely take this guide along with you.

How much time do you need for Palatine Hill?

Allow at least 1 hour for the colosseum and 2-3 for Palatine Hill including the Forum.

How to buy Palatine Hill tickets?

You can buy Palatine Hill tickets at the Colosseum, at the entrance of Palatine Hill, and online.

Does Colosseum ticket include Palatine Hill?

What does the Colosseum ticket include? The ticket for the Colosseum includes 1 entrance to the Colosseum (at the specified date/time) and 1 entrance to the Roman Forum/Palatine Hill. A standard ticket can be used to enter the Roman Forum/Palatine Hill within 24 hours of the reservation time/date.

What is the difference between Roman Forum and Palatine Hill?

The Roman Forum sits just 40 metres below the Palatine Hill.

It's a rectangular plaza surrounded by the ruins of storied buildings. This forum was the heart of the ancient city of Rome and it was the venue for speeches, criminal trials, and Gladiatorial battles.

Is Palatine Hill easy to walk?

The walk is pretty steep and many of the walking surfaces are rough. I am a reasonably fit 70 year old and found the walk a bit tiring but interesting enough to do the walk twice. I should point out that on both days I did a whole lot more walking than just the Palatine Hill.

What is so special about Palatine Hill?

According to Roman mythology, the Palatine Hill was the location of the cave, known as the Lupercal, where Romulus and Remus were found by the she-wolf Lupa that kept them alive. Another legend occurring on the Palatine is Hercules' defeat of Cacus after the monster had stolen some cattle.

Is there a dress code for Palatine Hill?

What is the dress code for the Colosseum, Forum, and Palatine Hill? The good news is that there is no enforced dress code in secular sites like the Forum and Palatine Hill, and despite the Colosseum having been consecrated as a place of worship in 1750, a dress code is not enforced there.

Are there toilets at Palatine Hill?

For everyone visiting Rome, this hill is vital for learning about the history of Rome. Visitors can book guided tours. Toilets are available.

Do you need tickets for the Pantheon?

Access to the Pantheon requires an entrance ticket, which the Chapter of Santa Maria ad Martyres provides for you at no extra cost, included in the audio guide service.

How long does it take to see the Colosseum in Palatine Hill?

You will need at least an hour to see the Colosseum by yourself which includes time to explore the monument and click some pictures and selfies. Covering other attractions like the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill will need 3 hours.

Can I visit Palatine Hill before Colosseum?

The ticket is valid for 24 hours from the first entry into the PArCo, which can take place at the Colosseum or the Roman Forum/Palatine area: you can organize your visit just the way you want, scheduling entry to the Colosseum and deciding whether to visit the Roman Forum, Palatine and the Imperial Fora before or after ...

Can you do Palatine Hill before Colosseum?

By starting your tour at the Palatine Hill, you can save a lot of time that would have otherwise been spent waiting in line at the Colosseum. Many of the hop-on hop-off buses have stops between the Colosseum and the Palatine Hill entrance, which also makes this a great starting point for your tour.

Is entry to Roman Forum free?

The Forum, Rome - opening times & visitor information

We also offer tours of the Roman Forum by night. PRICING: Entry to the Roman Forum is no longer free and is covered by the single Colosseum ticket that grants access to the Colosseum, Forum and Palatine Hill area.

Is it worth going inside the Colosseum?

Going inside the Colosseum is definitely worth it, as the whole building is a marvel in itself.

What days is the Colosseum free?

Book here! For the #domenicalmuseo initiative, the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine are free for everyone every first Sunday of the month. There will also be free admission on 25 April (Liberation Anniversary), 2 June (Republic Day) and 4 November (National Unity and Armed Forces Day).

How much are Colosseum tickets at the door?

Standard Ticket: Approximately €16-€18 for adults. Colosseum + Roman Forum + Palatine Hill Ticket: Approximately €18-€20 for adults. Skip-the-Line Ticket: The skip-the-line tickets typically cost a bit more than the standard tickets due to the convenience they offer. Prices can range from around €20-€25 for adults.

Is Roman Forum and Palatine Hill free?

Do I need a ticket for the Roman Forum? When purchasing a Colosseum Ticket, you can access the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. So, yes, you need to buy a ticket for the Roman Forum. You can buy your Colosseum ticket at the ticket office.

Who is buried at Palatine Hill?

On the Palatine, you can visit the remains of the residences of many emperors, including Augustus, Tiberius and Nero. You can access underground tunnels, such as Domitian's secret passage, the Farnese gardens, a museum and the area of the ancient hut of Romulus and Remus (the city's founders).

Can you enter Colosseum from Roman Forum?

The Colosseum (or Coliseum), Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill are all located in the same archaeological area of Rome adjacent to one another. The Colosseum, Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill all have separate ticket entrances but share the same admission ticket valid for two days valid for all three sites.

What time is last entry to Colosseum?

In general the Colosseum is open from 9.00 am to one hour before sunset. You can access the monument until one hour before closing.

Is there a dress code for Roman Forum?

Is there a dress code for the Roman Forum? There is no dress code for visiting the Roman Forum. Clothing rules such as no shorts or no strappy tops only apply to religious buildings and main basilicas such as St Peter but not to archaeological sites.

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